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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC.                   19

nqih. Our north - country friend, Charles
Williams, arrived on a visit. Mentioning to
Mrs. S. that a large party of her friends had gone
together to Bath, she naturally wished to know
who were the persons who composed it. " I
will try and recollect," said he; " there were
George Clavering and his wife, then there were
Mr. and Mrs. What-d'ye-call-em, there was Miss
What's-her-name, there was Mr. Thingamy, then
two ladies from Durham and another whose name
I cannot recollect,"

June 2^th. We dined at Choisy with Madame
Campan. The Count and Chevalier de Parny
there, the latter a poet. M. le Moine came
to us.

July ^th. Dined at the Val, and went with
the Beauveaus and the Count de St. Priest to
visit the Countess du Barri at Lucienne. She was
not at home. The house seemed in that disorder
which characterises people of her former profes-
sionódirty but magnificent. There is a fine bust
of her. The gardens are regular. There is a
pavilion admirable for the view and interior de-
coration, but the outside is plastered over and
out of repair. The balconies are ridiculously
small and inconvenient. The stucco is fine, but
the painting by Vienet abominable. The gilding